Unlocking Your Infinite Healing Potential

What It Means to Be in Survival Mode Switching Gears from Survival Mode to Thriving How To Engage Your Healing Potential You are designed to survive. Your body comes with complex protective mechanisms that developed to keep you alive in the face of danger. But that drive to survive at any cost comes with its own costs. And that includes […]

10 Bad Food Habits to Banish This Dussehra

1. Skipping BreakfastIn a bid to make it to office or school in time, have you been guilty of skipping your breakfast? Or do you think skipping breakfast can help you shed weight faster? There can’t be a bigger blunder than this. Breakfast, literally means break the fast. Since our body doesn’t consume anything after dinner till we wake up the […]

R32 Air Conditioner Refrigerant GAS: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS?

Air conditioning systems have come a very long way since they were first introduced to UK homes and businesses all those years ago. The things that owners and operators are most interested in are having an air conditioning system that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. More recently, we are becoming aware of the environmental impact our actions have and […]

Oura Ring Review (and How It May Help Women)

View More ABout Aura Ring : https://amzn.to/3oXLn3l There’s no shortage of options today in the world of fitness trackers, yet one specific brand claims to be especially sensitive, in tune with different functions such as sleep and fitness benchmarks, and particularly useful for women. This brand is the Oura Ring, the health monitor that some researchers tried using in 2020 to predict Covid-19 cases developing […]

Secret Detox Drink Recipe (A Natural Detox Drink Recipe)

If you are feeling weighed down and sluggish, it may be time for my secret detox drink, which can help cleanse your body and make you feel rejuvenated. For many years, I’ve added detox drinks to my health regime because as toxins leave my body, I feel clear-headed and energized. Plus, recipes like this one don’t require a blender or juicer, so […]

Mindful Eating — Maintain a Healthy Weight & Appetite

The main purpose of mindful eating is to change your relationship with food. Mindful eating is anything but a “diet” — in fact, it’s basically the opposite! Changing the way you eat (as opposed to just what foods you eat) is not just about developing discipline over your food preferences or necessarily losing weight. Instead, it’s really about mastering control over your mind. When […]

Top 4 Ways to Shed Pounds After 40

With busy schedules and loads of processed and fast foods everywhere, losing weight after 40 fast can seem like a pretty difficult task. It’s no wonder so many people question, “How can I boost my metabolism after 40?” While it’s a common assumption that your metabolism slows down after your 20s or 30s, new research suggests this isn’t necessarily true. It’s now thought that […]

Are Oats Gluten-Free? The Truth About Oats & Gluten

Oats are often praised as one of the healthiest breakfast options around — but many people are also confused about how oats are made and what makes them different from other cereal grains, including wheat. Left wondering — “Are oats gluten-free?” — some people choose to give them up altogether without knowing the full story. So what’s the verdict on […]

Salt Water Flush Recipe

Are you like 20 percent of the public that suffers from constipation? It’s nothing to be ashamed about, so even if high-fiber foods don’t always do the trick, consider a salt water flush. Sometimes called a “salt water cleanse” or a “master cleanse,” it’s designed to help you cleanse your colon and digestive system by bringing on a forced bowel movement. The key part […]

10 Underappreciated Healthy Habits to Unleash Your ‘Life Force’

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is like your body’s internal battery. A fundamental precept of traditional Chinese medicine, the word translates roughly to “life force” or “vital energy.” Qi circulates throughout your body along pathways known as meridians, which connect all the organ systems. Acupuncture and acupressure help restore qi by treating specific meridian points throughout the body. Other ancient medical systems […]